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Overview Edit

Participants (facilitators)

King Saud University

  • Dr. Mohammed Alghbban
  • Dr. Sami Bin Slimah


  • Osama Khaled
  • …?

Wikipedia Education Program

  • Tighe Flanagan (WMF)
  • Dr. Nidal Yousef (Isra University, Jordan)
Participants (attendees)
  • Professors and students from KSU
  • (Professors and students from KSAU-HS?)
  • (…?)
  • Expose a large audience to the basics of Wikipedia, including the guiding principles, role of the community
  • Show people the various ways people contribute to Wikipedia and its sister projects
  • Familiarize professors and students with the Wikipedia Education Program and the basics for participation
  • Get people excited about contributing to the Arabic Wikipedia
  • Attendees will receive certificates for attending and completing the two-day workshop

Agenda Edit

Day 1 Edit

Monday, November 4, 2013 @ King Saud University


Introduce the workshop facilitators and provide an overview of the next two days to the participants.

What is Wikipedia

Starting from scratch, we'll present a brief history of Wikipedia and the Movement. We will also describe the dynamics of Wikipedia, introducing concepts like the 5 pillars, the community, and the role of the Foundation.

Spotlight on the Arabic Wikipedia

An in-depth overview of the Arabic Wikipedia in particular. What are the goals of the Arabic Wikipedia? How has it grown? How does it compare to other language Wikipedias in terms of content and size of community?

10 ways to contribute to Wikipedia

How can people contribute to Wikipedia? Everyone has different skills and interests, so how can they use them to improve the online encyclopedia? Writing articles is the most obvious, but some people can focus on editing and improving language, formatting, templates, adding photos and illustrations, or administration and organizing the community.

Getting started, your first edit

A step-by-step of how to edit. This will start with creating a username, logging in, and making a simple edit.

Getting started, exploring the community

Wikipedia is more than just articles, it's Discussion and Talk Pages. A tour of other portals and spaces on-wiki that can be useful for new users

Day 2 Edit

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 @ King Saud University

Recap of previous day

A general overview of the material covered the previous day

From stub to featured article

Focusing on content, we will look at issues like article quality. How does an idea go from a one sentence stub to a large featured article? We can offer some ideas like research as well as translation from other langague Wikipedias

References and citations

References and citations are a key part of Wikipedia, so we can look at how the are included in articles, and aslo think about what are credible secondary sources. We can also talk about neutral point of view.

The Wikipedia Education Program

Overview of the program and how different professors and universities around the world participate. Also a special focus on the content generated in the Arab world in particular.

Certificate Distribution

A short ceremony to celebrate our participants and reward them for their time. Certificates from WMF/Wikipedia Education Program

Notes Edit

Required Materials
  • Slides to walk participants through each section of the training
    • Arabic or bilingual content
    • Projector/display capabilities
  • Brochures
    • Welcome to Wikipedia (available digitally, may have time to print as well)
  • Certificates
    • To be printed/copied at KSU