Wikimedia:Starting an education program

This training contains four modules filled with the best practices, learning, and knowledge amassed from four years of Wikipedia Education Program history and discussions with people running programs in countries on nearly every continent.

In modules one and two, we will walk you through the actual creation of a program plan for your pilot. Before you begin this training, please add your country name to the box below and click "Create program plan" to start your page. Throughout the first two modules, we'll have you explicitly fill in a section of your plan anywhere you see the orange pencil icon. While you're going through this training, you should have two tabs open: the training content and your program plan.

The final two modules will walk you through what you can expect as you enact the plan you created in the first two modules, and how you can think about expanding your program once your pilot has been completed. When you finish the training — or even if you just get partway through and decide it doesn't meet your needs — please leave feedback. We want to know how the training can be improved. (And of course, feel free to make edits yourself if you wish.)

Want to see what others have done? Check out our library of program plans.

Have you created your program plan template? Open it up in another tab, and let's get started.

Start the training

  Define your goals  

  Design your pilot  

  Enact your plan  

  After the pilot