Wikipedia Education Program Metrics and Activities Meeting/December 2011



Updates from:

  • U.S.
  • Canada
  • India
  • Egypt
  • Germany

United States

  • Have been getting pushback from ENWP community about the level of support we've had from Ambassadors and whether that's enough
  • Decided to make stricter requirements to be a part of the program
  • Trying to determine how many Ambassadors students are needed per student
  • Trying to recruit more Online Ambassadors to add more support for students
  • Students who are working just in sandboxes or in Word and then dumping content at the end of the semester is where we have problems (essays, articles up for deletion, etc.)
  • Regional Ambassadors are now getting more involved
  • Aiming on more quality professors (in terms of fit for the Wikipedia program) than quantity


  • Had similar issues in Canada to the U.S.
  • Some classes went really well -- in particular, the class at the law school went very well. Contributed more than a dozen good contributions on Canadian law. Those classes contributed some very good material.
  • One class had problems with not involving students early enough in the semester and doing an essay dump in the end; because students weren't involved.
  • Need follow up and follow through from students who may or may not be paying attention in class
  • Should implement some kind of pass/fail system for professors, including asking professors to leave if they're not willing to engage with their students on-wiki
    • Requires that we're managing professors a little more
  • Another issue with a class:
    • 1700 student class
    • Wants to make sure quality is better next term
    • Hope he can join a meeting to have him discuss whether a class of 1,000+ students is something we should be doing
  • Expanding in Canada, moving beyond Toronto region
  • Want to recruit Ambassadors across Canada


  • Program is still on hold in India
  • CCI cleanup will take about another month or so
  • Tori Read was in India, interviewed staff, CAs, professors, directors, admins, editors
    • Report due mid-January
  • Ayush is still working on data from the paper
  • LiAnna/Frank's analysis from interviews done
  • Working on both quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Expect to take 3-4 months off for the analysis


  • Annie and Frank were in Cairo for 10 days
    • Annie and Essam and Moushira and Frank talked to professors at Cairo University and Ein Champs University, and GUC (German University Cairo)
    • Got enough profs on board for spring
    • Drama
    • Politics
    • Spanish
    • Etc.
    • Four classes follow traditional approach -- students research, write articles
    • Two classes will do translations from other Wikipedia language versions
  • Community on Arabic Wikipedia is small; Max of 90 students in program, probably less (60-90 students total)
  • No mandatory assignments; profs will choose the 10 best students
  • 12 CAs, 6 will be WPians
  • 6 OAs (User:Ciphers -- thought leader on ARWP, says we'll find enough OAs)
  • Think we have 3-4 CAs who are WPians, need 2 more, and need another 6 that we'll train
  • Setting up support structure will be the biggest challenge
  • 10-20 WP total who live in Cairo
  • In general, people at universities in Cairo are very enthusiastic about this program; political situation
    • Tabling
    • In class presentations
  • Students asked smart questions, enthusiasm
  • Alignment with mission: improve the amount an quality of Arabic content on the Web; encouraging to see
  • Go back to Middle East in January with profs workshops and CA training
  • Hopefully political situation will be calm and quiet
  • Start small pilot at the end of January


  • Cologne, had a meeting with 10 longterm Wikipedians, signed up to be part of the program
  • Germans are planning to do something different from the model we've followed in the past
  • Students get support from TAs and profs (Tutoren, get trained by Referenten); Germans have 0% Wikipedians helping students, but Wikipedians (Referenten are 100% WP) helping the TA/profs
  • Want to support through FAQ, mailing list, course pages on wiki
  • Slightly different model; not calling it Ambassadors.
  • Interested to ese how it plays out
  • Workshop went well, 1.5 days, slides uploaded here:
  • Good meetup with community in Cologne; also meetup tonight with Hamburg as well.


  • Maybe we should avoid large classes because they cause more problems
  • Also need to recruit CAs who aren't necessarily the TA as well; they serve first as a TA and second as a CA
  • Large classes are harder; until someone can bring us a plan that makes sense and we think it will work with the community
  • Professor orientation: should have a short quiz at the end (a la IRB test)