Wikipedia Education Program Metrics and Activities Meeting/March 2012

March 21, 2012

Country Updates



  • 7 classes started
  • Most of on wiki editing happen in April or May
  • Only 5-15 of best students will be editing, so right now students are figuring out what they are doing
  • photography workshops underway
  • Classes are in midterms right now, so it's a bad time for midterms, but more of them will be in April


  • Working with 5 professors in Brazil
  • Classes started 2 weeks ago
  • Professors have enough Ambassadors
  • Students got really excited; people from Portugal have been helping a lot as Online Ambassadors
  • Tom talked with people from Wikimedia Portugal who want to have unviersities in Portugal help
  • Large media presence has led to a lot of professors who want to join the program, but we want to keep pilot small for now
  • Generally professors are starting to have students edit in April
  • Tom started a blog:
  • Some competition ideas -- best student articles win Wikipedia T-shirts? Tom welcomes comments or ideas about this.
  • 3 professors are working to expand Wikipedia's use within their institutions

United States and Canada

  • Past the mid point of semester, regional ambassadors are checking in on CAs and professors to see how classes are going
  • Most students are starting to edit or will be starting to edit soon
  • We can see classes activity through leaderboard now
  • Having conversations about how to institutionalize
  • Trying to get leadership into volunteers' hands, looking to bring involved, passionte volunteers together
  • Working on timeline for the rest of the year to ensure we have appropriate targets for professors and Amabssadors next term
  • Rod is working to get training online
    • Asked for OA orientation content suggestions
  • New Regional Ambassador in Canada


  • We have 4 classes planed, to students of IT faculty from university of "Sv. Kiril and Metodij", to students of history from university of "Sv. Kiril and Metodij", to students of Modern sciences and technology from university of SEEU and to student of economy from university of "Sv. Kiril and Metodij".
  • 3 classes are finished, and the last one will happen at the end of this month
  • Open wiki days at SEEU (South East European University) from 10-13 April 2012. In the mean time we will start interwiki WikiProject at mk.wikipedia, sq.wikipedia and tr.wikipedia.
  • We started and finished one WikiProject on mk.wikipedia with the students from IT faculty from university of "Sv. Kiril and Metodij".
  • We finished with Activity plan where we have intention to include students from secondary schools in country, the plan waith for approval from our government.

Other notes

  • India working on another pilot plan, will have an update for next month


  • US and Canada numbers only
  • Comparing students to general newbies
  • How much content survived?
    • Students made an average of 302 bytes per edit that stayed
    • New editors only made 90 bytes per edit that stayed
  • Editor impact: how much content did they add?
    • 1,326 students added the same amount of content of 2,697 new editors
  • Student vs. new registered user
    • Many create accounts; few make edits
    • 1 student on average adds about the same amount of content of 9.2 people who join Wikipedia
    • good metric of success of the program last term
  • What is a good edit metric? How can we say who is a good editor?
    • How much content people add
    • How much survives?
    • Where does it survive?
  • Good metric
    • Experienced Wikipedians: 500-900
    • Students: 708
    • New editor sample: 251
  • So we are bringing good editors
  • Retention: students are slightly more likely to return -- 4.23% students came back, vs. 3.5% of regular new editors
  • 74% of students actually make an edit (vs. 22% of new editors)
  • 44% of students' edits are in article namespace vs. 91% of new editors
    • working on sandboxes
    • do a lot more talk page conversations

Education Cooperative

  • Wikimedia Education Cooperative:
  • Came up based on phone call with Denis Barthel
  • How are we working together -- WMF, chapters, unaffiliated volunteers?
    • This document spells it out that we are all working together, not in a hierarchy
    • Guiding principles: share learnings!, diversity and innovation, transparency
    • Share common visual identity to make clear we are all part of global movement
  • What constitutes a local Wikipedia Education Program initiative?
    • See bullet point list on outreach wiki
  • Frank would like to see dicsussion around document -- get feedback, edits, thoughts, then once we've finished it, we want people to sign it so that we are part of this global movement.
    • Notes from Tom on chapters running their own program: 1. Manuel, from Wikimedia Portugal, has just proposed something similar to me and he is going to talk to some professors in Porto tomorrow. Tom has emphasized the fact that the project is a small pilot inside the Portuguese Wikipedia and that we have to thing way to make the project sustainable. 2. Volunteers from Wikimedia Brasil are also giving lectures about Wikimedia movement and how to edit Wikipedia. This is a good signal for us to think on how to involve chapters volunteers in the WEP.

  • What age students do we work with?
    • Start with universities, but we believe high school students could also contribute
    • Some high school teachers have one this
    • We at WMF started with university students to do one thing at a time and get it right before we try with high school students