Education/Newsletter/February 2017/newsletter update

Welcome to the updated monthly newsletter!


Author: NSaad (WMF) (talk) 19:51, 28 February 2017 (UTC)[reply]


The newsletter gets a fresh update, thanks to your ideas and contributions! For future editions we can use: more volunteers, more discussion, more great articles.


Feb 2017 will see the first edition of the new updated newsletter. New features include the "featured topic" section, content organized by category, and a single page version with story summaries with "read more" options. These new features came as part of a community discussion that happened in January 2017 on the mailing list and on wiki. I would like to thank everyone who shared their ideas, and contributed their stories to this first new edition.

Another change that is worth mentioning is the input box in the newsroom. This box makes it simpler to submit your stories, and for the publication volunteers to move your story to the newsletter. Simply input the title of your article into the input box and click "draft your newsletter article." This will take you to the template page that you can fill out and submit. Your article will appear under the "Current Drafts" headline on the newsroom page.

The "News" pages are still in the process of being updated to reflect the new format and publication guidelines. I'm working with some community members to make sure it is as easy to create and publish the newsletter as is possible. Since we are going back to monthly issues it is important that the process is not complicated or time consuming. We also need more volunteers to share the work. If you are interested, please join the team!

Thanks again for your input, contributions, and readership! We hope you enjoy this new edition of the newsletter.