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Wikimedia chapters: existing, planned, in discussion

If you are a GLAM organization interested in running projects in collaboration with Wikimedia or just simply want to get in contact with Wikimedians, there are several ways to do it:

Wikimedia chapters: existing, planned, in discussion

The easiest is to contact your local Wikimedia chapter, if applicable (see the Wikimedia chapters map) or get in touch with your local Wikimedian (see the list below).

If you do not have a local Wikimedia Chapter or Wikimedian, email the team at glam﹫ where you will be put in touch with the right people.

Maklumat hubungan setiap kawasan معلومت هوبوڠن ستياڤ كاوسن

Amerika Utara اميريك اوتارا

  Member of the board or staff of the Wikimedia Foundation or local Chapter.
  Current Wikipedia Campus Ambassador.

North America

Amerika Utara اميريك اوتارا


Eropah ايروڤه


Asia اسيا

South America

Amerika Selatan اميريك سلتن


Afrika افريكا



Mailing list

For the mailing list for wikimedia-cultural sector discussions join GLAM-l.

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