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About This Month in GLAM

This Month in GLAM is a community-written and edited newsletter which covers topics related to the GLAM project. A new issue is published - as the name suggests - every month, and you can subscribe via talk page delivery (on every Wikimedia wiki) or RSS feed.

The TMIG Newsroom is the central hub of activity for the development of stories among contributors. Anyone can contribute to articles, either by editing right in the page or by adding suggestions on the newsroom's suggestions page.

The first edition of TMIG was published in January 2011, although deliveries did not begin until the next month. The first "editor-in-chief" was Rock drum who in November 2012 handed over to Romaine and Foxj.

This Month in GLAM is a publication completely independant of the Wikimedia Foundation and its subsidiaries although its contents cover topics related to them. The points of view expressed in this publication are those of the authors alone and may not reflect the Wikimedia Foundation's opinions. Unlike most other wiki pages, articles published in TMIG have a byline to indicate the person responsible for the production of the articles, which often include original reporting.

Post-publication edits are however welcome for grammatical and spelling corrections, although new stories should be added to the next edition.


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