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Lakhota Museum Jamnagar (Gujarat) India on Commons

  • Lakhota Museum Jamnagar was entirely covered by Rangilo Gujarati as a part of small GLAM activity carried out single handedly. This is one of the best examples on how one small museum can be converted into Commons Gallery without much logistics which can be followed for all the GLAM enthusiasts out there.

Salem, Krishnagiri Museum (Tamil Nadu)India on Commons


Salem Museum, Krishnagiri Museum was entirely covered by Thamizhpparithi Maari

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  • U.S. Federal government content: To help fill gaps for images, Wikipedians have looked to public domain sources including materials produced by the U.S. Federal Government. Mass image imports have been done, with content from FEMA, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Navy, as these are already in the public domain. Wikipedians have also uploaded content from the Library of Congress, in the process undertaking image restorations.

English Wikipedia

  • Barlow Road: During a WikiProject Oregon Collaboration of the Week, Wikipedia editors noted that several historic sources said that Sam Barlow's party went over Lolo Pass during their 1845 trip across the Cascades. This claim does not jive with the geography of the region and other details of the trip. From a careful reading of Palmer's journals, editors discovered where the misunderstanding originated, and wrote up a more accurate account of the journey.
  • Mary Ramsey Wood: This Oregon pioneer is reputed to have lived to 120 years of age, in many supposedly authoritative sources. Partially on this basis, she was named the "Queen Mother of Oregon" by the Oregon Legislature. Wikipedia editors searched the census records of 1880 and 1890, and determined that she was in fact no older than 97 when she died.
  • List of Oregon ballot measures: The Oregon Secretary of State maintains historic information about ballot measures, but it is not as useful as it could be; the complete list contains no hyperlinks to detailed information about the measures, or other relevant information. Wikipedia has a better version.
  • William Pope McArthur: One editor created an article on a historical figure, William Pope McArthur. Within a few hours a "domino effect" of collaboration among several editors from different states led to the creation and expansion of several articles. See w:User:Katr67/Archive2.4#William Pope McArthur.

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Telugu Wikipedia

  • Mini Academies were held to create awareness about Telugu wikipedia and provide hands-on experiences for the participants. Colleges with computer labs and internet connectivity are the usual venues. A motivational talk on Developing Student skills through open source is conducted in English followed by 3 hour sessions Introduction to Telugu wikipedia, Telugu Wikipedia History, Key mappings for Telugu input, Practice with key mappings, Guidelines for editing on Wikipedia and practice session. Students have given excellent feedback on these sessions. A blog entry in Telugu with few pictures is available.

Czech Wikipedia


Wikimedia Commons

More information:
  • Image restoration leads to new discovery, Wikipedia Signpost, February 16, 2009, News and notes
  • Library of Congress updates record based on Wikimedian restoration work, Wikipedia Signpost, September 7, 2009, News and notes

Bulk upload facilitated by archive institution

Wikimedia Sverige chairman Lennart Guldbrandsson and Regionarkivet archivist Stefan Högberg
see: commons:Commons:Regionarkivet

Wednesday August 19, 2009, marked the start of a cooperation between Regionarkivet and Wikimedia Sverige. The cooperation began with a donation from Regionarkivet (a municipal archive institution based in Gothenburg, Sweden) to Wikimedia Commons. All in all, 28 photographs by some of the most influential photographers of the 19th century, were uploaded.

English Wikibooks


University Projects


The collaboration with universities is a growing field. Professors are increasingly assigning wikipedia

articles as coursework to students. A comprehensive guideline to implement and execute such projects exists under the previous link. This article documents collaborations and gives thereby an overview about the opportunities Wikipedia opens to the educational field.


History: Who started the first collaboration? How many articles have been developed? How many students are involved? Add a graph that shows the growth! Who is driving wiwiwiki?

Examples of wiwiwiki's work: Reserve Bank of India - Evolution of an article’’

Reid Parham's undergraduate thesis

See the Wikimedia Foundation blog posth Wikipedia belongs in the higher education classroom for more details. Template:Fix/category[citation needed]

Videos – chapters document their success stories


Please see Sharing your success story by video for more information.