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Current tools


Below is a list of frequently used tools, for GLAM-Wiki outreach. If you are not finding what you are looking for, make sure to search Hay's tools which is an index of many of the available tools in the Wikimedia ecoystem. If you are interested in using Wikidata, a separate list of tools is available on Wikidata.

Authors Title Keywords Description
Magnus Manske BaGLAMa tracking, pageviews, categories A tool tracking pageviews of all articles containing images from a specific commons category.
Magnus Manske BaGLAMa 2 tracking, pageviews, categories A tool tracking pageviews of all articles containing images from a specific commons category.
Magnus Manske GLAMorgan tracking, pageviews, categories Supplement to BaGLAMa and BaGLAMa 2, which helps with obtaining the same data, but on demand.
Magnus Manske GLAMorous tracking, image usage, categories A tool tracking usage of images that are in a Commons category. See British Museum example for how to use.
Olaf Janssen GLAMorousToHTML GLAMorous, Commons, tracking, categories Creates a HTML page (and a corresponding Excel file) listing all Wikipedia articles (in all languages) in which (one or more) images from a given category on Wikimedia Commons are used.
Magnus Manske Treeviews tracking, pageviews, categories A tool to show monthly page views for Wikipedia category trees, based on the pageviews API. The API often fails to return data on first attempt, run the statistics a second time to have more complete data.
MusikAnimal Massviews Analysis tracking, pageviews, open license text, categories Measures pageviews of Wikimedia pages that reuse open license text from a specific source, instructions are here. Massviews can also be used to get pageviews from all pages in a category, transclude a template, among other options. More at meta:Pageviews Analysis#Massviews.
MusikAnimal Mediaviews Analysis tracking, videos Track plays of videos on Wikimedia projects
MusikAnimal Langviews Analysis tracking, pageviews, wikipedia Gets the pageviews of an article across all languages.
Navino Evans Wikipedia page views spreadsheet tracking, pageviews, wikipedia Gets the pageviews of lists of articles in your own Google Sheet and visualises the data, can be used by tools that use data from Google Sheets.
Magnus Manske Herding Sheep tracking, workshops, edits, users Track all edits that a group of users have done on a certain Wikipedia. Very handy to see all edits that a group did after a Wikipedia workshop.
Ed Summers linkypedia tracking, web resource, file reuse linkypedia helps you explore how your web content is used on wikipedia, extract crowd-sourced information about your web resources, and connect with wikipedians who are using your stuff.
??? External Links tracker tracking, links Using the externallinks table it provides a list of links in external link style from the site on which it is applied, to a given URL pattern. For each link the source page is provided, and the exact target, both linked. See British Museum example for how to use.
BrandonXLF Link Count tracking links Tracks the number of links to a specific wiki page, e.g the number of links to the UNESCO Wikipedia article on English Wikipedia
??? Number of references from a website (default is BBC, instructions in description) tracking, links To find the number of times a website is referenced on Wikipedia replace the default example which is the BBC in the search box with the name of the domain and change to whatever domain is e.g

insource:BBC insource:/BBC\

For UNESCO change this to

insource:UNESCO insource:/UNESCO\.org/i

Note: The i at the end of the search query is not part of the domain, it makes it case insensitive

You can use the same search in different language versions of Wikipedia.

??? Pageviews analysis pageviews Shows pageviews of a date range for up to 10 images at once.
Maarten Zeinstra European Public Domain Calculators commons, public domain, copyright This site provides tools and documentation (Europeana Connect project) to determine the copyright status of a work in multiple European jurisdictions, it is able to calculate whether a work is in the public domain in 17 jurisdictions now (May 2011) and 30 jurisdictions by July 2011. ].
Terence Eden QRpedia QR codes This site can create multilingual QRpedia codes from any Wikipedia. You can access them with a smartphone or reader and will be forwarded to a website. Internet connection is required. Unfortunately doesn't work for Commons or other domains than
? QRcode Generator QR codes This one works for all domains.
??? ZXing Decoder QR codes This site can verify QR codes. If you create an artwork, banner or something else you can detect whether your implementation of a QR code works properly.
Magnus Manske Widget web resource, widget, third party An embeddable Widget for 3rd party websites to display Wikipedia articles, built on the MediaWiki API. details|example| in use
Wikimedia Foundation Upload Wizard Campaigns uploading, commons Easily create custom uploading interfaces for Commons that are tailored for a specific event, for example, Wiki Loves Monuments. Romaine is using the customised upload wizards the most for various activities including Wiki Loves contests, and can be asked for help and advice.
Tim Thompson, David González, Jamie Little, Andrew Darby, Matt Carruthers (University of Miami Libraries) RAMP editor metadata, template generation, authority control, libraries, special collections, Wikipedia Tool for generating enhanced authority records and then contributing the content of those records to Wikipedia. Lets users pull in data from WorldCat Identities and VIAF. Transforms records into wiki markup for direct publication to English Wikipedia via API.
Hay Kranen Hay's tools Several tools Tools Directory; External URL stats; Wikidata Translate; Wikidata View; Show the newest pages in a category; GTAA Reasonator; Pica Permalink; NA Download; NA Search; Streetwiki; SGD Transform

No longer working tools

Authors Title Keywords Description
Magnus Manske GLAMorous 2 tracking, image usage, categories, page views A tool tracking usage of images that are in a Commons category. Currently in testing mode (as of May 2012). See Bonnier example.
Magnus Manske CommonTator metadata, template generation A tool to create description templates from metadata embedded in files. Supports JPEG/TIFF/XMP. Project page.
Prolineserver GLAMorous tracking, image usage, categories, page views A tool tracking and summarizing the views of all the pages that are using images that are in a Commons category. See Bonnier example for how to use. This is a mashup of Glamourus and Wikipedia article traffic statistics.
Magnus Manske MARCsman metadata, Library of Congress A tool to extract metadata from files of the Library of Congress which come along with a MARC record. This tool needs improvement. Always double check the results..Simply c&p the link: See Library of Congress example for how to use.
Magnus Manske ISBN usage ISBN tracking Collating the number of times any individual book (or books by a specific publisher) are cited and/or clicked in WP. Effectively shows "most popular book".
Magnus Manske Commons Commander Categorisation Commons Commander (CC) is a GUI for Commons, originally running from Toolserver, now directly on Commons (TEST MODE, real). It allows to add/change/remove categories on files by selecting them through thumbnails.
Dario Taraborelli and Daniel Mietchen Cite-o-Meter DOI tracking Provides a conservative estimate of the number of Wikipedia or Commons pages that cite journal articles from a particular publisher.
Prolineserver GLAMorous cats interwiki tracking, traffic, page views, Wikipedia, QR codes Provides a list of interwiki links for a Wikipedia category, page view statistics, and QRpedia usage, if applicable. example
Daniel Kinzler CatGraph categories Sophisticated replacement of the current CatScan. See the help file for more info.
Tpt Creator Links commons, links, wikisource, metadata Repository which stores all the interwikis from the {{Creator}} pages on Wikimedia Commons and Author pages from en.wikisource, as well as links to Authority control data & other Wikimedia sites (including Wikidata)
Henrik Wikipedia article traffic statistics traffic, page views, wikipedia This tool can show page views for any search term in several Wikipedias, Commons and Meta. Months can be selected from a dropdown menu starting in December 2007 until now (daily page views for the selected month will display on a chart). See English Wikipedia example for how to use.
Husky Wikipedia article traffic statistics for an article over all languages traffic, page views, wikipedia This tool can show page views for any search term for all Wikipedias at the same time.
Contribute by changing and adding to this list. Ask your GLAM partner on tools interesting for them and feel free to add them here.

I want a tool

File:GLAMcamp Amsterdam Day 2-0773.jpg
Sinterklaas hears the wishlist from Amsterdam
  • I would appreciate some uploadind tool for artworks. Because I often have to change descriptions of photos to artwork template. So some uploader with textfields (year, autor, name etc.) could be useful. Dominikmatus (talk) 09:32, 23 June 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  • example: I want a tool that does display statistics for a set of images with the same template. Regards, Peter Weis (talk) 15:00, 4 December 2011 (UTC)[reply]
  • I want a tool that shows me where paintings by Jacob van Ruisdael are hanging worldwide or "near me" (more technical description: private collections excluded, all institutions with geo coordinates on a map that are linked into at least one JvRuisdael painting image file on commons via the "Location" parameter of the artwork template). You can substitute here "buildings by architect" for "paintings by artist". Jane023 (talk)
Now here. --Magnus Manske (talk) 10:27, 13 May 2012 (UTC)[reply]
    • Variation of the above: I want a tool that shows me where paintings by landscape artists such as Jacob van Ruisdael were painted (more technical description: for all landscape painting image files on commons for which a location of the subject of the painting is named, all locations on a map) Jane023 (talk)
  • I want a click-through tool like QRpedia that is not using QR codes (example: I as a GLAM website admin embed a link to a Wikipedia title like "Amsterdam" on my html webpage, and depending on the browser settings of the reader of that page, the link resolves to the wikipedia article in the reader's language). (Jane023 (talk) - this apparently exists already, but I can't find it)
Did you mean the Widget? See above for details. HstryQT (talk) 18:23, 13 December 2011 (UTC)[reply]
Sorry for the late reply - I just tried it and it works great! Thanks. 22:30, 20 February 2012 (UTC)[reply]
  • If I as a GLAM donate my images to Wikimedia Commons, I would like to see the top three most popular objects on a monthly or yearly basis to help me in decisions about exhibits. For the same reaon, I would also like to see what is popular among the donated images of colleague institutions. Jane023 (talk)
  • I want a tool that provides me with a the amount of interwiki links for a category (for as many projects as possible - but mainly wikipedia) and the interwiki links within items in that category (basically a in depth search). A nice feature would be to see this for a certain period (a bar chart for a year or something like this). Regards, Peter Weis (talk) 21:40, 13 December 2011 (UTC)[reply]
Created today and added to list above. Feel free to pass along suggestions (re: chart) to User:prolineserver. - HstryQT (talk) 00:43, 14 December 2011 (UTC)[reply]
  • * I want a tool that will somehow let people upload images to Wiki Commons and they add a category (in my case MonmouthpediA) and they will magically appear on a Wikipedia project page in my case this one.

--Mrjohncummings (talk) 20:12, 13 January 2012 (UTC)[reply]


  • Export to Commons plug-in for Omeka
  • GLAM-specific MediaWiki API framework
  • /Floorplans - an 'imagemap' function to display an interactive floor plan to support Wikipedia articles about GLAM institutions.
  • /Widget - "embed code" to easily integrate WP articles into GLAM websites (built on API)
  • /Mass Upload staging area - *major project* to create a place for GLAMs to mass upload their own images and metadata, check them, and then publish live
  • Metric - easily exportable statistics based on analytics on a GLAM's relationship with Wikimedia
  • Suggestions - based on a category on Commons, suggest articles that could use images from that category

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Post if you want to be trained in writing GLAM tools, or are willing to train someone to code GLAM tools.

I'm interested in learning more about GLAM tools. I run pywikipediabot and am about to launch a GLAM project. --mikeu talk 04:46, 16 October 2012 (UTC)[reply]