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Administrator terjemahan menunjukkan halaman apa yang perlu diterjemahkan menggunakan fungsi terjemahan halaman yang merupakan bagian dari Terjemahkan ekstensi. Selain itu, hanya mereka yang dapat menghapus halaman terjemahan yang dibuat oleh ekstensi terjemahan.

Administrators on Outreach have the ability to add and remove themselves from this right. Other users have to request it if they want to help others or working on translations for languages that they are familiar with. Outreach is not a playground for testing features (here is a site for that), and the translation tool is not a toy. Any user can request rights to local bureaucrats at the requests for permissions page, and must demonstrate a knowledge of the languages which they know so that translations are not botched and others have to clean up the work. In instances of a botched translation, good faith will be assumed unless it occurs after the user has been requested to cease translating in a specific language. Bureaucrats are also able to remove the right as they see fit, provided an account is inactive for a long period of time or is causing problematic edits to the site in regards to translations.

40 users now have translation admin rights on Outreach-wiki.

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