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The best practices in publeec ootreach will be ae collection o airticles tellin o experiances in winnin new volunteers, pairtners, content, n audiences. Gien that several chaipters hae awreadie developed successfu waurks tae wairk wi new tairget groops or deepen relationships wi new Wikimedians, this page is ae forum fer thae that want tae shair thair knawledge n fer thae that want tae spread the word.

This is no ae compeat leet. Gif ye'd lik tae shair yer ideas on hou tae engage new fawk, please write yer airticle here or help tae expaund the best practice airticles. Gie it laudie!

Gif ye dinna hae muckle experience yet, but ye'd lik tae shair yer knawledge aneat Wikimedia waurks or tell fawk aneat the benefits that ye receeve fae contreebutin til Wikipædia than fynd here ae waurk suitable tae yer ain backgroond. Oniebodie can stairt his or her ain publeec ootreach waurk. Byordinair skills ar no needit. Thir pages ar developt bi volunteers n serve aes ae step-bi-step teachin. Ilkane waurk tairgets ae differant groop n gies byordinair tips on hou tae approach n interact in this pairteeculair environment. Wairkin in the publeec ootreach, it's ae guid idea tae mind some general strategies!

Gif ye'v duin great publeec ootreach wairk but ye'r no sair hou tae document yer experience than read thir guidelines first!

Join the team!

Ae team o Wikimedians fae different kintras is wairkin on extendin n impruivin the best practice pages on this wiki. Yer Mair than walcom tae join the team bi eikin yer name here at Best practices documentation team.


Please help us tae impruiv the follaein pages sae that ae (new) Wikipædian is able tae successfulie accomplish ae publeec ootreach waurk.