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"Whit's Wikipædia?" video in Spainish wi subtitles in monie leids.

Ootreach. The Wikimedia waa.

Ootreach wiki serves aes ae hame fer several ootreach n collaboration ineetiateeves. It's ae buikshelf, ae collection o the best practices, n ae ralie point fer onie actevitie that's directie tae the publeec, tae cultural institutions, or tae education programs.

Oor mission is tae bring abuird n support new Wikimedians n tae big strang relationships wi cultural n educational pairtners. We need yer help tae mak this collaborateeve platform muckler, better, n mair uissfu. Thaur's ae fair heap tae get duin.


This waurk wairks wi galleries, lybries, airchives n museums tae get cultural content on tae the wab.


The Wikimedia Education Portal connects fawk that uise Wikipædia n sib waurks in education aw ower the yird.