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"Wikipidhiya chii?" vhidhiyo riri muChispeini, asi rine masabhutaitiri emimwe mitauro mizhinji.

Rusvikakwose. Chinzira che Wikimidhiya.

Outreach wiki serves as a home for several outreach and collaboration initiatives. It's a bookshelf, a collection of best practices, and a coordination point for any activity that is directed to the public, to cultural institutions, or to education programs.

Our mission is to recruit and support new Wikimedians and to build strong relationships with cultural and educational partners. We need your help in making this collaborative platform bigger, better, and more useful. There's plenty to do.


Wushumo wuno unoshanda ne maghaleri, zvikuvamagwaro, marhikaivhu uye mamiziyamu ekuunza tsika padanhautande.


Ungamo we Dzidzo ye Wikimidhiya rinobatanidza vanhu vanoshandisa Wikipidhiya ne mwishumo inewukama muzvidzidzo pasirose.